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February 2019 Archives

The Gray Divorce: Divorcing at 50+

According to Forbes, roughly 25 percent of divorcees are over the age of 50. Although people often find it difficult to readjust to being single at this stage in their lives, many Missouri residents do, and they’re thriving. One way that divorcees ensure a smooth adjustment is by prioritizing financial security, especially as retirement is not too far away.

Parallel parenting may help make joint custody more palatable

Many divorced parents end up with joint custody of their children because courts recognize that it is important for the children to be able to maintain relationships with both parents. Some parents can put their feelings aside to successfully co-parent their children. However, when parents have a high-conflict relationship, attempting to co-parent may cause more harm than good.

How can you protect your children during divorce?

As Missouri families deal with the emotional, mental and physical changes that come with divorce, the toll it takes on children can be extremely difficult. While you are dividing your assets and dealing with lawyers, there are several ways you can protect your kids from the devastating effects of divorce.

What should I know about paternity fraud?

Many Missouri fathers would find one of their worst nightmares is to discover that the child they have called their son or daughter for years is not their offspring at all. Unfortunately, some men do live this nightmare because of paternity fraud. According to Very Well Family, paternity fraud is when a man is designated to be the father of a child when that is not the case at all. There are a number of reasons why men are wrongly identified as fathers.

Who gets the pets in a divorce?

Property division is rarely easy for couples in Missouri. However, when a beloved pet is at the center of a custody dispute it can be downright heartbreaking. While you can ultimately leave the decision up to court, there are steps you and your former spouse can take to decide on your own. In this case, PetMD offers the following advice.

Why 'winning' a custody battle is not really a thing

Divorce creates noticeable problems for many families in Missouri as they work through the emotions of losing relationships and seeing changes in others. For many people, the pain of such a significant familial change takes its toll as people pick and choose sides and make judgments without being aware of the whole story. One major uphill battle that many couples face is designating the custody of the children they share. 

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