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Who gets the pets in a divorce?

On Behalf of | Feb 4, 2019 | Property Division |

Property division is rarely easy for couples in Missouri. However, when a beloved pet is at the center of a custody dispute it can be downright heartbreaking. While you can ultimately leave the decision up to court, there are steps you and your former spouse can take to decide on your own. In this case, PetMD offers the following advice.

If you have kids and the other parent has primary custody, you might consider leaving the pet at home. Along with the many other traumas of divorce, losing a pet is likely to compound the hurt feelings and cause unnecessary pain. If you miss your pet, perhaps you can work out an arrangement where he comes along during visitation days.

You also want to consider things like work schedules. The person who works more and spends more time away from home as a result, might want to defer pet ownership to other party. Pets can sometimes get lonely, and daily care like feeding and walking often takes a back seat to a busy work schedule. While it can be difficult to let go of a pet, you want to make decisions that are in her best interest. In this case, it’s better for a pet to be in a home where care is readily available.

You also want to think about the underlying reason why you want custody of your pet. Sometimes people in divorces do things simply out of spite and hurt feelings. When it comes to your pet, acting out to hurt your ex will only hurt your pet as well. Instead, consider all the variables, such as the information above, and work with your ex for the kindest, most reasonable solution to your pet custody problem.

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