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Why ‘winning’ a custody battle is not really a thing

On Behalf of | Feb 2, 2019 | Child Support And Spousal Maintenance |

Divorce creates noticeable problems for many families in Missouri as they work through the emotions of losing relationships and seeing changes in others. For many people, the pain of such a significant familial change takes its toll as people pick and choose sides and make judgments without being aware of the whole story. One major uphill battle that many couples face is designating the custody of the children they share.

Contrary to the mindset of many people that custody battles can be “won,” there is no such thing as a winner. Despite one’s beliefs that being awarded custody to some degree is having won the battle, everyone still suffers emotional trauma and may be required to some point, to relinquish their desires. Also, the impact of a child custody battle on the children in question can be far more damaging than many people realize.

As such, it is imperative that couples do their best to maintain a degree of communication despite the breakdown of their relationship. Being able to still talk to each other, even briefly, may allow them to arrange details and reduce the chances that their children will experience the feelings of alienation when their parents vehemently dislike each other. Additionally, positive communication may allow couples to expedite the process of reaching an agreement and avoid the prolonged process of battling their disagreements in a court setting.

If people are getting divorced and are nearing the process of arranging child custody, an attorney can be a valuable asset for them. Legal professionals can coordinate with interested persons and direct them toward negotiating an agreement that will benefit everyone involved.

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