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July 2018 Archives

Tips on creating a parenting & visitation schedule

One challenging part of child custody is working out an appropriate visitation and parenting schedule. Even when divorce is relatively amicable you and your ex might still be at odds on important issues, including when kids should stay at one home and how to deal extracurricular activities. In this case, the following tips from VeryWellFamily.com can help you and your family devise a schedule that works best.

Who gets the artwork in a divorce?

If you were to find yourself working through a divorce in St. Charles County, Missouri, you might find yourself with a considerable number of surprises. From moving targets of case law regarding child custody to the invasiveness of discovery, there are plenty of things that could frustrate you during the process. Not the least of these involve a specific issue of property division: the allocation of artworks.

What should you do if you find out you are not the father?

Having a baby is supposed to be a wonderful experience. However, many births are wrought with tension because the identity of the father is not known. In some cases, the father is assumed to be a certain person and he take responsibility for the child only to find later that he is not the biological father. A situation like this can be especially devastated because you have had the time to develop a relationship with the child. If this happens to you, you may wonder what your next steps should be.

How to navigate child custody issues

For divorced couples in Missouri, navigating custody issues can be a real challenge. While it is possible to make decisions regarding child-rearing in a civil manner, for many people it takes a bit of work to do so. That’s why Parents offers the following tips, which can help you deal with shared custody in a healthy and productive manner.

What you need to know about modifying your parenting plan

Situations change, and a parenting plan created years ago during your divorce does not prove acceptable for your child’s current lifestyle. Perhaps your current meeting place puts you in traffic that lessens your child’s time with you. A job promotion may require your alimony to be adjusted so that you supply maximum support for your child.

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