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Keeping your relationship with your child despite your divorce

You and your spouse are in the throes of divorcing each other and you are noticing that this significant change in your life is beginning to affect your relationship with your children. As soon as you recognize tension beginning to surface, it is imperative that you address your concerns in a manner that is mature, respectful and genuine as you strive to maintain a healthy relationship with your offspring. At T&P, we have helped many families in Missouri to cope with the unsettling changes of divorce. 

Proving your ex is in a supportive relationship

As you are well aware of, marriage involves quite a bit of sacrifice by both parties involved. Your spouse may have sacrificed their career pursuits in St. Charles to stay home and run your household while you pursued yours. Knowing this, you may have little issue in paying them spousal maintenance until they are able to support themselves. Your obligation to pay maintenance also ends if your ex-spouse remarries. Yet many of those that we here at Turken & Porzesnski LLC have worked with have come to us with concerns that their ex-spouses may be purposely cohabitating in order to retain their maintenance. If you share the same fears, then you should also know how to address them. 

How should I discipline my kids after a divorce?

Among the many disagreements you might have with your ex, parenting debates are among the most difficult to address. This is especially true when it comes to disciplining your kids, which is challenging enough on its own. VeryWellFamily.com offers the following tips in this case, which will ensure both you and your former spouse forge strong and healthy relationships with your children.

Appraising your business for a divorce settlement

A divorce can be a complicated, heart-wrenching and often frustrating process; even when both of you agree it is the best step. When one or both spouses own their own company, getting a valuation that reflects the value is critical. At Turken & Porzenski, L.L.C., we have experience representing clients whose divorce proceedings include business valuation and division.

Breaking the news of a divorce to the kids

Telling friends and family about the breakup is part of a divorce for every couple in Missouri. Choosing how and when to tell people about the split is an important decision to make, but there is one audience for this news that couples should not put off informing: the kids.

What causes you to lose assets in a divorce?

When you and your spouse are preparing to get a divorce in Missouri, there are many important decisions that will need to be made in regards to your future. One of the most challenging parts of divorcing your spouse is having to decide how all of the assets that you have shared throughout the course of your marriage, will be split. More often than not, you will probably have to be flexible because you will not always get everything you desire. Being aware of what mistakes can limit your chances of getting awarded your fair share of the assets is important so you can avoid them. 

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