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Lawyers Answering Your Child Support Questions

In Missouri, the determination of child support is achieved by answering several “questions” on the Child Support Calculation Worksheet, also known as Form 14. Even though the calculation seems rigid, a good lawyer will know how your answers interact as variables.

Trust a St. Charles child support attorney at Turken & Porzenski, L.L.C., to guide you through this process. We have a great deal of experience with the calculation of support. Our team of dedicated professionals will investigate every aspect of your finances to ensure the numbers are accurate, and we will work diligently toward reaching the most beneficial calculation possible in your situation.

What Courts Look At In Calculating Child Support

There are many questions and concerns that must be addressed while completing Form 14, including:

  • What is considered gross income?
  • What credits do you get with other children?
  • Health insurance premiums
  • Day care costs
  • Special needs children
  • Sports participation
  • Visitation credit
  • College costs

Even though the calculation is formulaic, many parts of it can be subjective. Our familiarity with the court system and the laws in this area allows us to use the variables to your benefit.

Collections and Enforcements

After a divorce judgment is made, it is still up to the payor to uphold his or her end of the agreement with regard to child support. If regular payments are not being made, some individuals consider withholding visitation until the money is paid. Do not do this. There are options available to you to recover the money you are owed, including:

  • Wage withholdings through state
  • State enforcements
  • Wage or bank account garnishments
  • Levies

An experienced Missouri family law attorney can guide you through these steps and work to ensure your prompt payment. Often, the payor has suffered a devastating change in income through loss of job or injury. In these situations, it is possible to have the original judgment modified.

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