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April 2019 Archives

Deciding if you should give your ring back to your ex

As you are facing the future without your ex in the picture, you are looking at your once-beloved wedding band and trying to decide what is next. While there is no definite answer for what should be done with this piece of jewelry, it may be a decision that has created some tension and disagreement. At T&P, we are committed to helping people in Missouri to find rewarding solutions during a period of time that may seem rather hopeless. 

How can I buy out my spouse’s business ownership?

Divorces can become even more complicated when the married spouses also share a business partnership. If the divorcing spouses decide that they cannot run the business together after the divorce is complete, usually one spouse will try to buy out the ownership interest of the other. Assuming the other spouse is willing to take the sale, there are a number of ways a business owner in St. Charles County can seek to purchase a spouse’s ownership stake.

Mothers do not automatically get full custody

A complex Missouri divorce is draining for everyone involved, especially if each parent wants sole custody of the children or one parent demands at least joint custody. The team at Turken & Porzenski, L.L.C., has experience helping clients navigate the turbulent nature of child custody and visitation.

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