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May 2019 Archives

I have questions about paternity, what comes next?

Facing suspicions about a child's paternity can be devastating. Many fathers aren't sure what to do next, especially when they're told their fears are unfounded. The American Pregnancy Association offers the following advice if you're thinking about asking for a paternity test from your partner. 

Valuing a business for a divorce

A couple has reached the end of a marriage. But this couple has achieved financial success and accumulated property and assets, including a business. To reach a fair settlement, the spouses need a valuation of the business, so they can effectively divide this financial asset. Missouri is an equitable division state, and as such, the law requires equitable distribution of property and assets to each spouse during a divorce proceeding.

Are there valid reasons for alimony today?

You may have already heard the differing opinions: Alimony is an outdated concept. Spousal support unfairly penalizes the ex-spouse who pays. Alimony is still necessary for the spouse who was a stay-at-home parent. Your own situation may directly influence your opinion on this controversial topic. You and other Missouri residents may be interested in learning about spousal support after your divorce.

Modifying or ending child support

The parenting plan divorced or separated parents decide on for a newborn may no longer be adequate when a child starts school. As children grow, their needs change. The parents’ situations may also change during this time. As a result, there are ways to modify child support in Missouri to account for changes in circumstances.

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