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September 2019 Archives

What's the process for modifying child support?

Child support is essential to ensure your child's material needs continue to be met. However, financial hardships like illness or loss of employment can affect your ability to pay. In this case, the best course of action is to request a modification by the court, which can be provided on a temporary or permanent basis. The Balance explains the process of requesting a child support modification. 

How can I be a good father after divorce?

Being a good father is not always easy. This is especially true after a divorce, which may complicate your ability to parent effectively. When there is animosity between you and your spouse it will unfortunately impact your relationship with your children. There are steps you can take to be a better parent to your kids, as illustrated by Very Well Family

How can I protect my kids after a divorce?

Many kids experience a range of negative feelings and emotions during a divorce. While these feelings are natural, it's important for parents to do their best to support kids emotionally and insulate them from disputes. Psychology Today explains how parents can do this to ensure their children are able to navigate the divorce and its aftermath in the healthiest way possible. 

Filing for divorce and fear of moving on

A lot of different emotional roadblocks can arise when people initiate a divorce, from stress due to custody to confusion about how marital property may be split up. For some, simply filing for a divorce in general can be overwhelming. Many people never anticipated that they would break up with their spouse, but there are various reasons why divorce becomes inevitable, from abusive behavior to infidelity. If you are afraid to move on in your life but are determined to end your marriage, it is important to prepare yourself as much as possible.

Value of assets in divorce is important

The financial aspects of a divorce are often some of the most challenging to deal with. You can't rely on your ex's income and you shouldn't have to feel stress about paying the bills more than what is necessary. One way that you can do this is through the property division process, which is when you and your ex will divide the assets and debts that accumulated during the marriage.

How is spousal support calculated?

Also called alimony, spousal support is a factor in many divorces. One spouse can request that the other remit payment to ensure he or she experiences the same standard of living as was enjoyed during the course of the marriage. While state laws usually govern the spousal support process, Forbes explains the factors that are commonly used to make these calculations. 

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