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January 2019 Archives

How your divorce can benefit from a forensic accountant

Divorce affects Missouri families of all types, from high-profile power couples to the family down the block. However, when it comes to complex divorces, sometimes additional expertise can ensure an equitable division of property. The team at Turken & Prozenski, L.L.C. has experience handling the complex nature of dividing substantial assets and spousal maintenance agreements.

How the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act affects spousal support

If you are considering a divorce in Missouri, there are some changes this year regarding spousal support that may significantly change the outcome of your overall settlement.  At Turken & Porzenski, L.L.C., our team of experienced professionals understand how to navigate the complex legal process and provide you with personalized service.

How can I strengthen my bond with my children?

Many divorced dads in Missouri worry that bonds with their children aren’t as strong as they could be. It can be tough to effectively bond with your kids after divorce, especially when your relationship with your ex is strained or your split was particularly contentious. Because it’s crucial that you maintain a strong and loving relationship with your children, Very Well Family offers the following advice.

Are post-nuptial agreements enforceable?

While both documents serve the same purpose, post-nuptial agreements differ from prenups in that they are created after a marriage is already in progress. As a result, many people question their validity and worry that they will not be upheld should a divorce occur. The Spruce explains what elements must be present to ensure a post-nuptial agreement is enforceable in court.

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