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Is my spouse hiding assets?

For couples going through a divorce in Missouri, disclosure of all assets is required by law. However, it’s not uncommon for spouses to hide assets from each other in an attempt to come out the process a little better off. Forbes explains how assets are commonly hidden and how you can track them down during your divorce.

Stock Transfers

How does paternity testing work?

If you’re a father in Missouri and have concerns about paternity, you may be considering DNA testing. While this can be a tough decision to make, it’s crucial that you establish correct paternity for both your well-being as well as that of the child. You probably also have questions about the process, such as how long tests take and how they’re conducted. The Cleveland Clinic answers this and other questions so you can make the best decision for your future.

How Paternity Testing Works

Tips on creating a parenting & visitation schedule

One challenging part of child custody is working out an appropriate visitation and parenting schedule. Even when divorce is relatively amicable you and your ex might still be at odds on important issues, including when kids should stay at one home and how to deal extracurricular activities. In this case, the following tips from VeryWellFamily.com can help you and your family devise a schedule that works best.

Keep Logistics in Mind

Who gets the artwork in a divorce?

If you were to find yourself working through a divorce in St. Charles County, Missouri, you might find yourself with a considerable number of surprises. From moving targets of case law regarding child custody to the invasiveness of discovery, there are plenty of things that could frustrate you during the process. Not the least of these involve a specific issue of property division: the allocation of artworks.

It would be highly unlikely that any court would hand down a decision mirroring the Judgment of Solomon: there are only a few situations in which a judge would mandate selling a piece and splitting the proceeds. The idea of property division is developed well enough in Missouri law to handle the issue of art being indivisible.

What should you do if you find out you are not the father?

Having a baby is supposed to be a wonderful experience. However, many births are wrought with tension because the identity of the father is not known. In some cases, the father is assumed to be a certain person and he take responsibility for the child only to find later that he is not the biological father. A situation like this can be especially devastated because you have had the time to develop a relationship with the child. If this happens to you, you may wonder what your next steps should be.

Once it is proven you are not the biological father, you lose your legal rights to the child. However, you may still be obligated for any child support that has been ordered by a court. According to Identigene, once you have proof that you are not the father, you should head back to court to get any child support orders cancelled. You may even have grounds for recouping the money you paid so far.

How to navigate child custody issues

For divorced couples in Missouri, navigating custody issues can be a real challenge. While it is possible to make decisions regarding child-rearing in a civil manner, for many people it takes a bit of work to do so. That’s why Parents offers the following tips, which can help you deal with shared custody in a healthy and productive manner.

Keep Kids in Mind

What you need to know about modifying your parenting plan

Situations change, and a parenting plan created years ago during your divorce does not prove acceptable for your child’s current lifestyle. Perhaps your current meeting place puts you in traffic that lessens your child’s time with you. A job promotion may require your alimony to be adjusted so that you supply maximum support for your child.

In either case, a modification process in Missouri aids your family in adapting to changes in life. Coming to an agreement before submitting a motion makes the process run quickly and smoothly, but if both parties cannot agree, a judge will determine the best plan for your child.

Bitcoin: hiding assets the electronic way

At Turken & Porzenski, LLC, we know that some Missouri spouses attempt to hide assets when facing a divorce. This is particularly popular among high-asset spouses who use various methodologies to accomplish their purposes. The only thing new about asset hiding today is the technology available to do it. Have you heard about Bitcoin?

As BlockGeeks.com explains, Bitcoin is the oldest and best known of today’s cryptocurrencies, having been around since 2008. Cryptocurrencies themselves are a relatively new phenomenon. While you can buy, sell and trade them, as well as buy many goods and services with them, they are not “real” money that you see and touch. Instead, they are virtual money that exists only as computer file entries. This aspect alone makes Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies exceedingly difficult to find and track.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Termination Child Support

When a couple divorces in Missouri, the non-custodial parent is often obligated to make child support payments. In some cases, support payments may be terminated, which means that payments will no longer need to be made. The Missouri Department of Social Services answers some frequently asked questions about when child support payments can be terminated.

Do Payments Stop When a Child Reaches 18?

Domestic violence and custody

From the issues that are taken into consideration during a custody hearing to the modification of a child custody order, our law firm has addressed many different custody-related issues on our site. However, it is important to keep in mind that each custody case is unique and some parents may have special considerations. For example, domestic violence can present challenges for those involved in a dispute over child custody. Whether a parent is facing allegations of domestic violence or has been subjected to intimate partner violence firsthand, these matters must be approached with care.

For starters, a domestic violence victim should immediately take steps to protect themselves and their children from further abuse. Moreover, they should know what their rights are and show no hesitation in court if domestic violence is a concern. Ultimately, parents should do all they can to protect their children and pursue an end result that serves the child's best interests. On the flip side, we know that some people are accused of domestic violence when they are completely innocent. There are different motivations behind a spouse's decision to falsely accuse another of domestic violence, from seeking revenge to gaining the upper hand in a custody dispute. People in this position should also firmly stand up for their rights.

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