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How should I discipline my kids after a divorce?

Among the many disagreements you might have with your ex, parenting debates are among the most difficult to address. This is especially true when it comes to disciplining your kids, which is challenging enough on its own. VeryWellFamily.com offers the following tips in this case, which will ensure both you and your former spouse forge strong and healthy relationships with your children.

Don’t treat your child like a victim

Appraising your business for a divorce settlement

A divorce can be a complicated, heart-wrenching and often frustrating process; even when both of you agree it is the best step. When one or both spouses own their own company, getting a valuation that reflects the value is critical. At Turken & Porzenski, L.L.C., we have experience representing clients whose divorce proceedings include business valuation and division.

A business may not only represent your most significant asset, but it may also be your livelihood. A value must be agreed upon before you, and your spouse can complete the settlement. Gelman, Rosenberg & Freedman report that, unlike the valuation of property or other tangible assets, valuing a business can be complex and there are several factors involved.

Breaking the news of a divorce to the kids

Telling friends and family about the breakup is part of a divorce for every couple in Missouri. Choosing how and when to tell people about the split is an important decision to make, but there is one audience for this news that couples should not put off informing: the kids.

For divorcing couples who are also parents, telling children about the impending divorce is often an intimidating and worry inducing task. A divorce will likely impact their lives in many ways, so it is important that parents plan how and when they will share this news with children. As you prepare for how to have this conversation with your kids, consider some tips and resources for determining your strategy.

What causes you to lose assets in a divorce?

When you and your spouse are preparing to get a divorce in Missouri, there are many important decisions that will need to be made in regards to your future. One of the most challenging parts of divorcing your spouse is having to decide how all of the assets that you have shared throughout the course of your marriage, will be split. More often than not, you will probably have to be flexible because you will not always get everything you desire. Being aware of what mistakes can limit your chances of getting awarded your fair share of the assets is important so you can avoid them. 

Once the process of your divorce is underway, it is imperative that you pay close attention to every step. Paying attention to the details will reduce the chances that you miss something critical along the way. According to CNBC, some of the worst mistakes that you can make include the following:

  • Procrastinating the process of splitting the joint accounts you share with your spouse. 
  • Tying too many emotions into your assets. While you undoubtedly associate certain possessions with memories, accept the fact that you will have to give up some things. 
  • Understand where your money is going and be careful about monitoring your finances.
  • Pulling from your retirement funds early out of fear that you will be left with nothing. Rather, be patient throughout the process and save the retirement funds you are rewarded for retirement. 

Explaining a custody dispute to your child

Parents can have an especially difficult time during the divorce process. Not only do many face difficulties related to child support and custody, but some may have a hard time helping their kids work through these issues and understand how things will change. With this being said, there are a number of ways that parents can simplify the divorce process and help make the transition less complicated for their children. For starters, communication can be incredibly beneficial, and it is important to take the time to explain the situation to your children if you believe that doing so would help them.

A number of questions regarding divorce may arise for parents, and this is especially true for their children. Kids may worry about their future or their relationships with parents and other family members. Children may also be unsure of how their life will change in the wake of a divorce or a custody decision. You should do your best to provide your child with answers to their questions and reassurance that they will still be loved, regardless of the outcome of the case.

What is the Putative Father Registry?

In order to protect your rights as a father, the state of Missouri has set up a registry so you can be informed if a child you believe is yours is put up for adoption. It is called the Putative Father Registry, according to the Department of Health and Senior Services. This registry allows you to make an official claim of paternity to a child.

The registry lists the names and addresses of men who have fathered a child outside of marriage. If you were married to the mother of your child when he or she was born, then you do not need to be a part of this registry since your marriage gave you automatic rights to the child. You will already be informed if your child is put up for adoption.

Can I appeal a child custody ruling?

During a divorce proceeding, St. Charles parents will leave it up to the courts to make decisions regarding child custody. If one parent feels the ultimate decision made was in error, he or she can file an appeal. Because this process is often complex, and because there is so much at stake, VeryWellFamily.com offers the following advice.

Only final and complete orders can be appealed

Ways Missouri will retrieve owed child support payments

Your ex-spouse has stopped paying child support payments, and you wonder how you will sustain your child’s necessities with only your income. Your child’s non-custodial parent may even live in a state other than Missouri, so you worry that unless you take legal action, you will not receive your court-ordered support.

Know that if your ex-spouse illegally evades child support payments, Missouri court holds the right to obtain payments in other forms. The Family Support Division (FSD) works diligently to ensure that overdue payments do not affect your child’s life, and that you can continue to support your child using funds provided to you. If you require adjusted child support payments, ensure that you seek the help of a family law attorney to bring a claim to Missouri court to receive accurate support.

What are the penalties for hiding assets in a divorce?

For divorcing couples in St. Charles, dividing assets can be challenging. This is especially true when one spouse tries to hide assets from the other in an attempt to retain marital property that should be divvied up according to the law. Not only is this practice unethical it’s also illegal and subject to serious consequences, as explained by Forbes.

Reporting assets to the courts

How can I help my child cope with divorce?

When it comes to divorce, parents often have a tough time helping their kids cope. Children are bound to experience a whole host of emotions, from confusion to sadness to anger and everything in between. How you discuss these issues can have an impact however, which will mitigate some of the emotional fallout. KidsHealth.org offers the following tips to help parents and kids in Missouri cope with the prospect of divorce.

Be supportive

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