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February 2018 Archives

Why children fare best when they know their fathers

If you live in Missouri and believe you may have fathered a child, you may want to consider taking a paternity test so that you can secure the answers you need. If you are not the father of the child in question, a paternity test can keep you from having to pay child support. Conversely, finding out that you are, in fact, a child’s father, can prove tremendously beneficial not only for you, but for your child. At Turken & Porzenski, L.L.C., we have more than 17 years of experiencing helping clients conduct paternity tests and navigate related family law issues, and we have a firm understanding of just how important your presence in your son or daughter’s life can prove to be.

What if your ex wants to move away with the kids?

Even after your divorce in St. Charles, you likely will want to maintain a strong relationship with your children. That automatically becomes more difficult given the increased space that now exists between you. What if your ex-spouse wants to increase that space by moving away with the kids? Adhering to your custody agreement suddenly becomes much more difficult if your ex relocates, or even impossible if he or she does it without notifying you. The question is can he or she do that? 

How are a child’s “best interests” determined in a divorce case?

One of the most difficult aspects of a child custody case is determining what each parent feels is in their child’s best interest. You might think you have a grasp of what you think your child needs most, but it’s the court that will make the final decision.

Why do I need a prenuptial agreement?

Say the words “prenuptial agreement” and you are almost sure to see a frown on the face of anyone and everyone in the room. Missouri residents, as well as those in other states, may see such documents as a harbinger of doom to a couple planning a marriage, or at the very least, not a great way to start such an endeavor. But prenuptial agreements have benefits too, some of them reaching beyond the marriage to include security for family members too.

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