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April 2018 Archives

What assets must be identified in my divorce?

If you are going through a high-asset divorce in Missouri, taking inventory of your assets should be placed high upon your must-do list. While you may not feel the need to tackle this task immediately upon filing, memory can fade in regard to everything that should be considered and oversights can result in costly mistakes down the road.

Grappling with divorce and child custody issues

As more and more households experience divorce, the number of blended families in America is on the rise. Even though marital separation is incredibly common today, the complex feelings and difficult stages that ensue are nevertheless painful for many. Divorcing spouses with children might have to consider not only new living arrangements, but a meeting informing the child of the separation entirely. The talk may be daunting, but there are a number of strategies Missouri parents can use to make the whole process smoother.

Jury sides with father in bitter custody dispute

Couples may not go in to divorce proceedings in St. Charles intending for things to get hostile. The residual effects of their separation, however, may influence their emotions during the process. Throw into that mix having to decide on custody matters, and it may be easy to see how such proceedings can quickly become nasty. Accusations and allegations may begin to fly, each painting the other parent as having issues that would call his or her fitness to raise any child (much less his or her own) into question. The hope is that those deciding the case are able to see through all of the bitterness and animosity and arrive at a ruling that is best for the kids involved. 

Why discovery can be contentious during divorce

If you have heard horror stories about contentious divorces that take years to resolve, you may be lamenting the process of a contested divorce. Indeed, divorce litigation is not for the faint of heart because of how the emotions stemming from a failed marriage can make routine exercises appear vindictive even though they are not meant to be.  

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