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The potential ups and downs of joint custody

On Behalf of | Apr 18, 2019 | Child Custody |

Parents in St. Charles have a few custody options to look into when deciding how to raise a child post-divorce. One frequently touted option is that of joint custody, which has both drawbacks and benefits that can impact a family.

FindLaw defines joint custody as a situation in which both parents share custodial responsibility over their child in legal terms. Though physical custody may be shared in these situations, the primary benefit is that both parents have an equal say in highly impactful aspects of the child’s life. This includes:

  • Religious decisions
  • Which school(s) the child will attend
  • Medical choices such as those involving vaccinations or surgical procedures
  • Afterschool activities

It can extend to other activities as well, but the primary concerns for many parents are these big, potentially life-altering choices.

Unfortunately, joint custody is not a situation that can work for everyone. As Psychology Today shares, it can be difficult for many parents to reach the compromises necessary to make joint custody work. There is also a chance that joint custody can become less stable over time than sole custody, according to some studies. However, the primary deciding factor of the success of joint custody seems to be how well parents are able to cooperate with each other.

Mediation may be necessary at points, but on a whole, this custody situation will be easier for people who can reach compromises on their own in many situations. This is why it doesn’t necessarily work out for every family or every situation. However, it might still be a good option to consider when in the researching stage.

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