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Grappling with divorce and child custody issues

On Behalf of | Apr 19, 2018 | Child Custody |

As more and more households experience divorce, the number of blended families in America is on the rise. Even though marital separation is incredibly common today, the complex feelings and difficult stages that ensue are nevertheless painful for many. Divorcing spouses with children might have to consider not only new living arrangements, but a meeting informing the child of the separation entirely. The talk may be daunting, but there are a number of strategies Missouri parents can use to make the whole process smoother.

Before child custody arrangments are well underway, it may be ideal to first discuss the situation with children involved. Parents magazine explains that because children have the natural desire to keep the family together, one way to go about a divorce meeting is to have both parents present. Doing so can create a sense of unity in an otherwise distressing situation. Planning a meeting ahead of time can also help parents hit all the important notes of the divorce, including where the child will be living (if a change is necessary). Although there is no way to predict exactly how a child will react, parents might also need to consider age differences in order to best explain the bigger picture. 

Sometimes, the confusion can lie not in the discussion of divorce, but in the plans that follow. Findlaw outlines Missouri’s child custody laws, recognizing that support for children is often the top priority. Because child custody is such a crucial point in a divorce, it is vital that all boxes are checked. Missouri, like most states, works in the best interest of the child, and courts may consider a number of factors. These can include relocation plans, the mental and physical state of each party and the child’s own emotional needs. Mental health is a topic that many Americans are hesitant to discuss; however, in a time such as divorce, giving space for self-care can work wonders.     



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