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3 professionals other than lawyers who can help during a divorce

On Behalf of | Dec 8, 2023 | Divorce |

The average adult accepts that they need professional support during a divorce. Most people understand that there are significant risks involved in attempting to divorce without legal representation. They will bring in a lawyer to advise them throughout the process, represent them in court and manage negotiations on their behalf.

An attorney is undoubtedly the cornerstone of any divorce team. They play a key role in supporting an individual during a difficult transition. However, many people will find that they need more than just a lawyer to obtain the best possible outcome during divorce proceedings. There are three other professionals that people often rely on during divorces to secure the best outcome and move on to the brightest future possible.

Forensic accountants

Those in high-asset marriages often worry about their ability to locate marital property and request an appropriate share of the marital estate. Especially when the other spouse manages the finances, the possibility of both dissipation and hidden assets can be a real concern. A forensic accountant can locate hidden assets and make sense of complex financial records. Someone divorcing because of infidelity might also want a forensic accountant’s help, as they may be able to identify expenses related to the affair that could constitute dissipation and influence other property division matters.

Financial advisors

Divorce inevitably has a powerful impact on people’s financial stability. People may need to revise their retirement plans and rework their investment strategies. A financial advisor to make it easier for someone to overcome the monetary impact that divorce may have. With the right guidance, people can recoup their losses and have a clear plan for future financial stability at the end of their divorce proceedings.

A divorce coach or therapist

While divorce can damage someone’s finances, it can prove devastating to someone’s mental health. Even when people believe that divorce is the right choice, they may struggle with grief, guilt and anger. Seeing a therapist may benefit those who find their struggles particularly challenging. A divorce coach can also help someone manage the various aspects of divorce proceedings while also providing a listening ear and guidance regarding the emotional complications of a divorce.

Individuals who take the time to connect with the right professional assistance often suffer fewer negative consequences than those who try to manage every aspect of the divorce without support. Recognizing the need for certain support services may help people make more practical choices as they prepare for divorce.

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