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Are you postponing divorce because you’re worried about gossip?

On Behalf of | Jan 5, 2021 | High Asset Divorce |

Gossip is a natural form of human behavior that occurs in communities. While it may be enjoyable to engage in, it’s often seen to be poor behavior because it can be hurtful to those who are being talked about. Gossip has existed for many thousands of years and was originally a way for people to spread useful information about who could and could not be trusted in communities.

While gossip is fun to engage in, most people do not feel comfortable being the topic of conversation. You may like to give the impression to your friends and acquaintances, for example, that you are in a happy and loving marriage, when, in fact, you want a divorce. You may be so hesitant about divorce because you imagine the ways that family and friends will react, and you’re worried about what you will say to people. The following are some tips for dealing with gossip and worries about your reputation during a divorce.

Don’t give the gossipers material

Gossip usually thrives when a person makes an ambiguous admission over a few too many glasses of wine, or when they do not give a full account of what is happening. For example, if you tell someone untrustworthy that you are contemplating divorce without stating why, gossip may easily spread about why you are unhappy or the cause of unhappiness in your marriage. You should only speak to trusted friends in these matters, and even then you should be truthful and direct in your admissions.

The bottom line: Don’t let other’s opinions rule your life

It’s important to question why you care so much about those who gossip. The fact is that people may care much less than you expect them to — everyone has their own lives and they know that nothing is perfect. Prioritize your own life by questioning what you would do if you didn’t care about the opinions of others.

If you are contemplating divorce, a great first step is to learn more about how the law applies to your situation.

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