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How does divorce affect your health?

On Behalf of | Aug 4, 2019 | Child Support And Spousal Maintenance |

Divorce affects your life in a number of ways. Along with financial changes that often occur after a married couple splits, many people also experience issues with their emotional and physical health. Health.com explains the impact of divorce stress and how you can cope. 

Research shows that chronic health issues are more likely to develop in people who’ve been divorced. This includes heart problems that can have serious consequences, such as cardiac arrest. In fact, women who’ve gone through a divorce have a 12% higher risk of suffering from a heart attack than those who have not. Additionally, this risk increases with each divorce a woman experiences. Increased stress is also known to cause an increase in one’s blood pressure, which in turn makes for a greater likelihood of stroke. 

Divorce can also impact your lifestyle choices. When you’re stressed you’re more likely to forgo a healthy diet and exercise. You’re also more prone to problematic behaviors, such as drinking alcohol to excess and smoking cigarettes. Many of these bad behaviors are borne out of mental and emotional issues resulting from divorce. For example, people with a history of depression are more likely to experience a recurrence of symptoms after a divorce. 

So, what can be done about post-divorce stress? Self-care is essential in this case, and good self-care involves many different factors. Make sure you’re eating right and partaking in exercise on a regular basis. When experiencing a great amount of stress, consider the healing benefits of yoga and meditation. If you run into issues involving your ex-spouse, such as non-payment of child support, look for qualified legal assistance right away. That way you focus on healing yourself, as you can rest assured that practical matters are taken care of. 

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