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Dealing with unexpected problems and child support payments

On Behalf of | Jul 12, 2019 | Child Support And Spousal Maintenance |

For many parents, paying child support on time can be very difficult. Many people live from one paycheck to the next, and some have an extremely hard time staying current on what they owe. Unfortunately, this can become even more difficult (or even impossible) when an unexpected problem arises in life. For example, if someone’s car breaks down, they may need to buy a new vehicle in order to get to work. Or, if a parent suffers a major health issue, they may be unable to work and left with hefty medical costs. These are just some of the difficulties that can arise in life and they can interfere with child support.

It is impossible to fully prepare for unexpected difficulties that can arise, but when they do it is imperative to stay current on child support. Falling behind on child support can make life exponentially worse, and many people have faced serious challenges after becoming delinquent on their child support payments. Fortunately, there are options available to those who are trying to deal with an unexpected problem (or several problems) and child support. For some, setting up a payment plan allows them to work out their budget and avoid problems down the road. However, payment plans often do not address serious financial issues, and the modification of a child support order is necessary in some instances.

When a parent’s financial circumstances change significantly, they might have the option to modify their child support order. By doing so, they could prevent even more financial and even legal concerns from arising in the future.

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