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Terminal illness and custody disputes

On Behalf of | Jun 14, 2019 | Child Custody |

Those who are struggling with a terminal illness may be facing many different hardships, whether they are depressed due to their health or they are facing physical and financial problems associated with their health crisis. For people in this position, the divorce process can be particularly tough, especially if there is disagreement over how child custody should be awarded. Parents who are simultaneously dealing with a terminal illness and a custody dispute may be under an immense amount of pressure, and they may have concerns about whether their circumstances will impact the custody decision.

Courts assess many factors when deciding how to award custody. If a parent’s mental health has deteriorated, this may affect how custody is awarded. If the court believes that a parent is unable to provide a child with the care that they need because of their health challenges, this may prevent the parent from securing the custody outcome they are looking for. However, many people who are dealing with a terminal illness are fully capable of providing a child with the support they need.

Our law office understands the significant hardships that you may be facing if you are struggling with a terminal illness and a custody dispute at the same time. It is important to review your situation and do everything you can to protect the interests of your child. Some people may feel hopeless while facing these difficulties, but they may have a number of options. We discuss many other topics that are related to child custody disputes on our blog.

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