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What are the hardest properties to divide in divorce?

On Behalf of | Mar 8, 2019 | Property Division |

There are many things to go into the true value of an asset, but some are more complex than others. If you were to consider divorce in St. Charles County, Missouri, it would be important to consider all of these financial aspects for each line item. That way, you have the best hope of maintaining your way of life after you and your spouse separate.

Certain assets would be relatively easy to decide. For example, you might distribute a joint bank account evenly, with half to you half to your ex. However, that would probably not be the case when it comes to other things, such as businesses, securities or unique pieces of property. Here is how you might handle these special cases.

If you ran a business in partnership with your spouse, it would be unlikely with each of you would have the exact same duties or skill sets. A common situation is that one partner handles finances while the other manages operations. You would probably want to make sure you had a continuity plan in place before pursuing complete ownership of the company.

Your investment portfolio probably contains various types of securities. As mentioned in Forbes, you would want to look at various aspects of the security to determine that assets would be distributed fairly between you and your ex:

  •       Tax penalties or benefits from sales
  •       Cost basis of the investment
  •       Whether you could liquidate the asset if necessary

You could also have concerns for specific products. For example, recently purchased mutual funds could incur a sales fee that diminishes your long-term ROI. 

The most common complex scenario you would face during divorce would be the division of unique pieces of property. This often comes in the form of real estate, but you may also have to divide artwork or antiques. Independent valuation and a fair assessment of all portfolio assets would likely be instrumental in making sure you get a fair portion of marital holdings. Please do not view this as advice for any situation. It is only meant as general information.

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