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How can I create a parenting schedule that works?

On Behalf of | Dec 31, 2018 | Child Custody |

In Missouri, divorced couples often have a difficult time creating reasonable parenting schedules. It’s crucial that both parents play a vital role in the lives of their kids, even if they have issues between them. To ensure you can develop a reasonable schedule that works well for everyone involved, Very Well Family offers the following tips.

Keep your kids in mind

While divorce is hard on parents, it’s usually hardest on kids. That’s why it’s important you keep your children in mind when creating a schedule, which will ensure their best interests are met. Try to meet their needs, whether they are social or academic, and try to keep them involved when creating a plan. While you may not be able to use the input of young children, older kids can provide insight that could be helpful to you and your ex.

Remain civil to your ex

While it can be tough, you must remain civil to your ex, especially in front of your kids. Fighting and arguing will only lead to more stress and can also put undue pressure on your kids. Also, refrain from changing a schedule or making decisions simply out of spite. All decisions should be made with the best interests of your kids in mind.

Be willing to revisit your schedule

Of course, there may come a time when your schedule no longer works. In this case, revisit the schedule every year or so to determine whether it still meets your needs. This is particularly important as your kids get older and make their way to high school, as their needs are sure to evolve.

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