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Domestic violence and custody

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2018 | Child Custody |

From the issues that are taken into consideration during a custody hearing to the modification of a child custody order, our law firm has addressed many different custody-related issues on our site. However, it is important to keep in mind that each custody case is unique and some parents may have special considerations. For example, domestic violence can present challenges for those involved in a dispute over child custody. Whether a parent is facing allegations of domestic violence or has been subjected to intimate partner violence firsthand, these matters must be approached with care.

For starters, a domestic violence victim should immediately take steps to protect themselves and their children from further abuse. Moreover, they should know what their rights are and show no hesitation in court if domestic violence is a concern. Ultimately, parents should do all they can to protect their children and pursue an end result that serves the child’s best interests. On the flip side, we know that some people are accused of domestic violence when they are completely innocent. There are different motivations behind a spouse’s decision to falsely accuse another of domestic violence, from seeking revenge to gaining the upper hand in a custody dispute. People in this position should also firmly stand up for their rights.

Custody cases can be incredibly emotional and with a child’s well-being potentially at stake, it is pivotal for parents to strive for an optimal outcome. If you head to our custody and visitation webpage, more on custody disputes can be accessed.

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