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The many benefits of paternity testing

On Behalf of | Mar 11, 2018 | Paternity |

In a time that is likely already laden with questions, uncertainty surrounding a child’s biological parent can be overwhelming. Sometimes, the mere request of taking a DNA test can become a challenge in itself. However, this information can be crucial not only in a parent’s life, but in the child’s, as well. Below are some of the many reasons why paternity testing in Missouri can make all the difference.

The American Pregnancy Association dedicates a webpage to paternity testing and the myriad of benefits it can provide. While many expecting parents feel a request for testing can make a situation uncomfortable, the APA stresses that doing so can help protect a child’s future. In addition, paternity testing can confirm a child custody and support arrangement — which can encompass legal and social benefits. It can also be beneficial to know a child’s medical history so healthcare professionals can carry out the best possible care. Last, but not least, the APA points out that testing can ultimately help strengthen bonds between children and their parents. 

Paternity testing can be a difficult task, but can open the door for communication and assistance in raising a child. DNA testing provider Identigene lists some of the other reasons parents might require a DNA paternity test, stating that inheritance rights and benefits are other common areas of concern. To receive what is rightfully theirs, children must first know who their late parents are, and results from legal testing are also court-admissable. Knowing the identity of a biological parent can also help make benefits procedures run more smoothly. No matter the situation, Identigene notes that planning how a test will benefit those involved is another vital step. 





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