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Separate property may affect how marital property is divided

You and your spouse planned ahead before your Missouri marriage by creating a solid premarital agreement. Now that you are divorcing, you have the confidence of knowing that your nonmarital property will remain separate from the division process. At Turken & Porzenski, L.L.C., our legal team often works with clients to negotiate for a fair division of property in their divorce.

Deciding if you should give your ring back to your ex

As you are facing the future without your ex in the picture, you are looking at your once-beloved wedding band and trying to decide what is next. While there is no definite answer for what should be done with this piece of jewelry, it may be a decision that has created some tension and disagreement. At T&P, we are committed to helping people in Missouri to find rewarding solutions during a period of time that may seem rather hopeless. 

How can I buy out my spouse’s business ownership?

Divorces can become even more complicated when the married spouses also share a business partnership. If the divorcing spouses decide that they cannot run the business together after the divorce is complete, usually one spouse will try to buy out the ownership interest of the other. Assuming the other spouse is willing to take the sale, there are a number of ways a business owner in St. Charles County can seek to purchase a spouse’s ownership stake.

What are the hardest properties to divide in divorce?

There are many things to go into the true value of an asset, but some are more complex than others. If you were to consider divorce in St. Charles County, Missouri, it would be important to consider all of these financial aspects for each line item. That way, you have the best hope of maintaining your way of life after you and your spouse separate.

Who gets the pets in a divorce?

Property division is rarely easy for couples in Missouri. However, when a beloved pet is at the center of a custody dispute it can be downright heartbreaking. While you can ultimately leave the decision up to court, there are steps you and your former spouse can take to decide on your own. In this case, PetMD offers the following advice.

Are post-nuptial agreements enforceable?

While both documents serve the same purpose, post-nuptial agreements differ from prenups in that they are created after a marriage is already in progress. As a result, many people question their validity and worry that they will not be upheld should a divorce occur. The Spruce explains what elements must be present to ensure a post-nuptial agreement is enforceable in court.

Equitable distribution of property in complex divorces

Regardless of whether your Missouri divorce proceedings are amicable or contentious, disentangling the finances and ensuring asset division is equitable can be challenging. This is especially true when the process involves a business, children and high-value assets. Turken & Porzenski, L.L.C, often represents clients who need experience navigating complex divorce proceedings.

Who gets the ring in a divorce?

When you are in love and decide to get married, one partner typically buys a ring for the other to propose marriage. Engagement rings are often expensive or sentimental in nature. They become a symbol of the love between you as a couple. However, when the marriage ends in divorce, the engagement ring can be a disputed piece of property.

Appraising your business for a divorce settlement

A divorce can be a complicated, heart-wrenching and often frustrating process; even when both of you agree it is the best step. When one or both spouses own their own company, getting a valuation that reflects the value is critical. At Turken & Porzenski, L.L.C., we have experience representing clients whose divorce proceedings include business valuation and division.

How can I successfully negotiate a divorce settlement?

Dividing property and assets can be difficult for most Missouri couples facing divorce. Even if you have a good idea of who owns what and how marital property should be divided, your spouse might not feel the same way. That’s why BankRate.com offers the following tips to couples, to ensure they enter into negotiations fully informed.

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