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The many benefits of paternity testing

In a time that is likely already laden with questions, uncertainty surrounding a child's biological parent can be overwhelming. Sometimes, the mere request of taking a DNA test can become a challenge in itself. However, this information can be crucial not only in a parent's life, but in the child's, as well. Below are some of the many reasons why paternity testing in Missouri can make all the difference.

Why children fare best when they know their fathers

If you live in Missouri and believe you may have fathered a child, you may want to consider taking a paternity test so that you can secure the answers you need. If you are not the father of the child in question, a paternity test can keep you from having to pay child support. Conversely, finding out that you are, in fact, a child’s father, can prove tremendously beneficial not only for you, but for your child. At Turken & Porzenski, L.L.C., we have more than 17 years of experiencing helping clients conduct paternity tests and navigate related family law issues, and we have a firm understanding of just how important your presence in your son or daughter’s life can prove to be.

Man wants frozen embryos destroyed

Typically, cases addressing the issue of paternal rights in St. Charles involve a father fighting for his rights to continue to have a relationship with his children. Yet do paternal rights extend to man's right not to want to have a child? Advances in reproductive technology made in recent years have also given rise to cases where separated couples who were once dealing with fertility issues are now battling over the right to use frozen embryos. Rulings in such cases have tended to vary given that there currently is no legal precedent set as a standard to apply to such cases. 

How is paternity established in Missouri?

Supporting and caring for a child in St. Charles requires a lot of work and is best done with the involvement of both parents. If you find yourself, as a mother, struggling to accomplish this task and/or wanting to involve your current partner or your child's biological father more in his or her upbringing, then establishing a legal link between said party and your child is a must. Yet how is paternity established in Missouri? 

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