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How can I be a good father after divorce?

Being a good father is not always easy. This is especially true after a divorce, which may complicate your ability to parent effectively. When there is animosity between you and your spouse it will unfortunately impact your relationship with your children. There are steps you can take to be a better parent to your kids, as illustrated by Very Well Family

How can I be a more effective parent to my child?

Divorce can complicate a parent's job quite a bit. This is especially true if there is a lot of animosity between you and your ex, which often results in squabbles and disputes on the best way to raise a healthy and happy child. If you're looking for ways to be a more loving and effective parent to your children, KidsHealth.org offers the following advice.  

I have questions about paternity, what comes next?

Facing suspicions about a child's paternity can be devastating. Many fathers aren't sure what to do next, especially when they're told their fears are unfounded. The American Pregnancy Association offers the following advice if you're thinking about asking for a paternity test from your partner. 

Mothers do not automatically get full custody

A complex Missouri divorce is draining for everyone involved, especially if each parent wants sole custody of the children or one parent demands at least joint custody. The team at Turken & Porzenski, L.L.C., has experience helping clients navigate the turbulent nature of child custody and visitation.

How can I know if paternity is established?

Fathers have a unique situation when they have a child. Nobody can deny who the mother is thanks to biology, but the father is not proven through biology in an obvious way. Having established paternity is very important. It gives you legal rights to your child. Without it, you could face serious issues with trying to be involved in your child's life in Missouri.

What should I know about paternity fraud?

Many Missouri fathers would find one of their worst nightmares is to discover that the child they have called their son or daughter for years is not their offspring at all. Unfortunately, some men do live this nightmare because of paternity fraud. According to Very Well Family, paternity fraud is when a man is designated to be the father of a child when that is not the case at all. There are a number of reasons why men are wrongly identified as fathers.

How can I strengthen my bond with my children?

Many divorced dads in Missouri worry that bonds with their children aren’t as strong as they could be. It can be tough to effectively bond with your kids after divorce, especially when your relationship with your ex is strained or your split was particularly contentious. Because it’s crucial that you maintain a strong and loving relationship with your children, Very Well Family offers the following advice.

Navigating court proceedings for fathers who want full custody

In most divorce cases that involve children, the court prefers a parenting plan that includes both parents actively participating in their offspring’s upbringing. Missouri is no different. However, there are times when it is in the best interest of the child for you, as their father, to have sole custody. At Turken & Porzenski, L.L.C. our experienced attorneys work with clients to ensure the best possible outcome for them and their children.

Keeping your relationship with your child despite your divorce

You and your spouse are in the throes of divorcing each other and you are noticing that this significant change in your life is beginning to affect your relationship with your children. As soon as you recognize tension beginning to surface, it is imperative that you address your concerns in a manner that is mature, respectful and genuine as you strive to maintain a healthy relationship with your offspring. At T&P, we have helped many families in Missouri to cope with the unsettling changes of divorce. 

What is the Putative Father Registry?

In order to protect your rights as a father, the state of Missouri has set up a registry so you can be informed if a child you believe is yours is put up for adoption. It is called the Putative Father Registry, according to the Department of Health and Senior Services. This registry allows you to make an official claim of paternity to a child.

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