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How can I protect my kids after a divorce?

Many kids experience a range of negative feelings and emotions during a divorce. While these feelings are natural, it's important for parents to do their best to support kids emotionally and insulate them from disputes. Psychology Today explains how parents can do this to ensure their children are able to navigate the divorce and its aftermath in the healthiest way possible. 

How can I improve my current custody arrangement?

Shared custody can be difficult for many divorced parents. This is especially true during the school year when planning and scheduling are often far more complex than during summer break. Fortunately, there are things you and your ex can do to make it much easier for all involved, especially your kids. Parents Magazine offers the following advice. 

Custody disputes and your outlook on the future

There are a lot of different issues that can arise with disputes over child custody. For example, a couple may have stress over how custody will be awarded, or how a particular parent having more or less time with their child will affect the child’s life. There are many different outcomes when it comes to custody disputes, sometimes people are able to secure very favorable outcomes while others may be less ideal. Moreover, it is important to think about the long-term implications of a custody dispute and do everything you can to prepare for court (as well as your life and relationship with your child afterward).

Social media and custody disputes

There are many different factors that you may need to review if you are in the midst of a dispute over child custody, or you anticipate that such a dispute will arise in the near future. You should always look out for your child’s best interests, and you should do what you can to make the custody process as straightforward as possible while minimizing the emotional toll. However, custody disputes can be very difficult, regardless of a parent’s attempts to make things easier, and there are all sorts of factors that may come into play with regard to custody disputes. In the digital era, social media has become increasingly common, and online activity can definitely play a role in custody decisions.

Depression and custody issues

People may become depressed for countless reasons, but the divorce process can be especially tough from an emotional point of view. After their marriage comes to an end, people may become depressed because of the various ways in which their lives change, and the divorce process can be incredibly stressful and emotionally taxing. However, depression can be particularly problematic when it comes to disputes over child custody. Not only can the custody process result in negative emotions, but these emotions may even get in the way of a parent’s ability to have custody of their child.

Terminal illness and custody disputes

Those who are struggling with a terminal illness may be facing many different hardships, whether they are depressed due to their health or they are facing physical and financial problems associated with their health crisis. For people in this position, the divorce process can be particularly tough, especially if there is disagreement over how child custody should be awarded. Parents who are simultaneously dealing with a terminal illness and a custody dispute may be under an immense amount of pressure, and they may have concerns about whether their circumstances will impact the custody decision.

How can I help my child cope with visitation issues?

Scheduled visitation is a must to ensure a child has a healthy, loving relationship with both parents after a divorce. When one parent is unreliable, it can really take a toll on a child's emotional and mental health. Accordingly, Parents offers the following tips so you can help your child cope with your ex-spouse's actions.

Modifying or ending child support

The parenting plan divorced or separated parents decide on for a newborn may no longer be adequate when a child starts school. As children grow, their needs change. The parents’ situations may also change during this time. As a result, there are ways to modify child support in Missouri to account for changes in circumstances.

How can you protect your children during divorce?

As Missouri families deal with the emotional, mental and physical changes that come with divorce, the toll it takes on children can be extremely difficult. While you are dividing your assets and dealing with lawyers, there are several ways you can protect your kids from the devastating effects of divorce.

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